About Us

Our expert fine jewelers have been masters of their craft since 1978 and are the gifted artisans that are responsible for our beautiful designs. Every item we manufacture is truly a piece of art. Our designs feature beautiful details on each and every surface, front back and sides. Each and every single genuine gemstone is custom cut to meet the requirements of the designers.

 Liberty I. Exchange is home to these fine lines:

Liberty I. Exchange: Fashionable and timeless fine bullion and coin jewelry

Daniella Goodman fine jewelry designs: Modern styling with beautiful gems

Danni G fine jewelry designs: Bold statements and tending styles with beautiful gems in Sterling silver.

Art-Gento: The ‘perfect’ marriage of sterling with 14kt gold with and without gemstones.

Ocean Mist: Celebrating f all things in and around our planet’s oceans in 14kt gold, sterling silver with and without gems

Sincerely, Jack: Designs for the discriminating wearer of fine sterling silver and stainless steel men’s jewelry.  

The purpose of each piece of our fine jewelry is meant to make the wearer feel fashionable.  Customer satisfaction is the bare minimum when it comes to the sale of our jewelry. We aspire to enable the wearer to feel a sense of accomplishment, pride and gratification
 in wearing our art.
You can find our elegant designs at your major department stores or CONTACT  US 
for more information.