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Daniella Goodman fine jewelry designs

“Vibrant color gems in the warmth of gold ”

Daniella Goodman fine jewelry designs are inspired by newness, simplicity, fluid textures with the utmost attention to details.  Our designs feature beautiful details on each and every surface configuration; front, back and sides.  Every creation has a soul, and we don’t believe in setting limitations on ourselves or our creations.  

Daniella Goodman fine jewelry designs is just one of the designer lines of Liberty I. Exchange.  Every piece is crafted in 14kt gold with precious, semi-precious gems and/or exotic opaque stones.  A kaleidoscope of gems is custom cut to meet the requirements of every specific design. 


Offering distinctive colors in fresh, trendsetting designs will spark Daniella Goodman fine jewelry designs wearers to become collectors with new styles being added to the line on a regular basis.  






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