Oceana Mist fine jewelry creations

Celebrating the many wonders of the sea.


Oceana Mist fine jewelry creations  celebrate the richness and diversity of the earth’s largest playground.  The allure of the sea is as ageless as our time on this planet.  It sparks the imagination and offers unfathomable mysteries to ponder.  It is a magical world filled with awe inspiring creatures, a horizon that calls us to adventures and warm sandy beaches to dig our toes in. 

The Oceana Mist  collection is designed in amazing detail then crafted to the highest standards of quality in sterling silver, often with 14kt gold accents and exquisite gemstones.  Whether it is to spark a precious memory or a reminder of a dream we hold dear or the promise of that dream vacation, Oceana Mist fine jewelry creations will leave you looking toward the sea even if it is only in your daydreams.

Ask your local retailer to carry Oceana Mist fine jewelry creations.